The Market at Liberty Place at Kennett Square
148 West State St Kennett Square, PA
Size of Market:  10,412 sq ft

Year Built:  1948
Renovated by LGB Properties: 2012

               State St Pizza & Grill
               Nourish Juice Bar & Cafe
               Buddy's Burgers, Breasts, & Fries
               Yo'R So Sweet
               Paradocx Vineyards
               Terra Foods
               Punk'd Pineapple
               Sweet Magnolia Bakery

Space Available: Looking for businesses

Potential categories:  butcher, indian, vietnamese,
fresh pretzels, greek,  mediteranean, cheese,
seafood, and any other type of food you can think
of!.  We are also looking for non-food vendors like
gourmet kitchen stores, florists, pet food shops,
jewelry, art, and many others.  We are open to
                                               History of The Building

As the United States entered World War II, the military needed more merchant and cargo ships to transport men and
materials to Europe. With no time to design new ships, the military dusted off the blueprints from an old British ship
from the 1930’s, modified them, and began to mass-produce the ships at a prodigious pace. Between 1941 and 1945,
2,751 of these ships were produced at 17 shipyards all across the country. The average ship could be produced in just
over one month, with one being constructed in as little as 4 days. Long considered more “functional than pretty” the
ships were mocked for their appearance. Time Magazine referred to them as the “ugly ducklings” and President
Franklin D. Roosevelt even called them “dreadful-looking objects.” In order to present a more positive image, on their
launch date of September 27, 1941, FDR referred to Patrick Henry’s famous 1775 speech, “Give me liberty or give me
death” in stating these new ships would bring liberty to Europe. Quickly thereafter the name Liberty Ship was born!

These 441 ft long and 56 ft wide ships had the capacity to carry about 9,000 tons of cargo, the equivalent of 2,840 jeeps,
440 tanks, or 230 million rounds of ammunition. Although the ships were not very swift (maximum speed was around
15 mph); the Liberty Ships were nonetheless very sturdy and well built. One even stayed afloat after two direct torpedo
shots. The Liberty Ships durability was a big reason most made it home safely after the war ended in 1945. At this time,
the military only had a need for 800 of the 2,400 remaining ships. While some were sold to European entrepreneurs,
who started their own cargo fleets, others were dismembered with the steel becoming parts of buildings much like The
Liberty Place at Kennett Square. Only two remain today, the S.S. John W. Brown, which resides on the East Coast and
the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien, which travels along the West Coast. In fact the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien became a part of
movie history, in 1997. Most of the engine room scenes from the blockbuster Titanic were filmed in the old Liberty Ship.

The Liberty Place at Kennett Square was one of the ships dismantled after the war and built into 148 West State St at
the corner of State and Center Streets in 1948. Previously the site was home to mechanic and blacksmith.  For more
than 30 years the building was home to Alvin’s Department Store. After Alvin’s closed in the early 1980’s the building
was converted into an office building, where Genesis Health Ventures started. Before too long, the entire 30,000 square
foot building belonged to Genesis and became their corporate headquarters. Over the years, Genesis began to move
their operation up State St and by the time the Franklin Center opened in October of 2007, Genesis no longer had a
need for 148 West State St. The building sat vacant until 2010 when LGB Properties purchased the building and
presented an exciting new plan of upscale offices, retail, and dining and renamed the facility The Liberty Place at
Kennett Square. Phoenix Services became the first tenant in December of 2010, while many others quickly followed suit.
LGB Properties